warmth in my toes

My feet are finally warm. All winter i refused to wear slippers vowing that i simply would not because i now live 6 block from the beach. That glorious ocean that even in winter whispers to me of summer days soon to come... and now it is 75 degrees. My skin welcomes the heat and feels kissed by the strong rays that stream down from the heavens. Dramatic? No. My whole attitude has changed. Getting out of bed without the chills- whithout moving quickly to make the coffee and get warm. I step outside into a warm bath of light and floral aromas. I imagine a friend chatting with me in my new (but old) adirondack chair sipping my home made tropical green iced tea planning the weekends festivities. I put on my long flowy hippie dress and paint my toes... because to me summer has begun.

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