for the love of polka dots

For the LOVE. I love this dress. It is just SO fun. You can't take yourself too seriously when you put this on. That's the main reason i love it. I dare you to take a chance this weekend and wear something a little hard to pull off. Carpe Diem! For your inspiration  http://www.weardrobe.com/


for the love of vintage

Oh for the love of all things vintage. Unlike some people i actually love walking into a vintage clothing store where the smell of cigarette smoke and mustyness co-mingling with fabulous fabrics and colors from 55 years ago. Say what you will but i do love SLOW and American Vintage on melrose. The folks are helpful and will usually negotiate prices... if your nice. http://www.slow7474.com/ 

I bought this great little poka dot number... picture soon coming!


It has begun. And what fun!

Finally. The day arrived. I received my new canon rebel T2i after hunting for the best camera in my price range and couldn't wait to start snapping away. The wedding day was gorgeous. The sun was setting making the surrounding trees glow and the bride's face illuminated joy. What a fun day!


Johnny X The Movie

The last four weeks the above has been my life. The Ghastly Ones.
check out the trailer at http://www.johnnyxmovie.com/

* These photos were taken by a very talented Sarah Ross-Samko.