Shooting Sarah

Sarah has such a classic look. She looks great in everything and knows how to work the camera! I loved this mexican wedding dress paired with feathers, bangels and a bright lip... ahhhh
This could be an ad for VESPA.

So much going on here. The red lip, indian earings, huge glasses...


for the love of polka dots

For the LOVE. I love this dress. It is just SO fun. You can't take yourself too seriously when you put this on. That's the main reason i love it. I dare you to take a chance this weekend and wear something a little hard to pull off. Carpe Diem! For your inspiration  http://www.weardrobe.com/


for the love of vintage

Oh for the love of all things vintage. Unlike some people i actually love walking into a vintage clothing store where the smell of cigarette smoke and mustyness co-mingling with fabulous fabrics and colors from 55 years ago. Say what you will but i do love SLOW and American Vintage on melrose. The folks are helpful and will usually negotiate prices... if your nice. http://www.slow7474.com/ 

I bought this great little poka dot number... picture soon coming!


It has begun. And what fun!

Finally. The day arrived. I received my new canon rebel T2i after hunting for the best camera in my price range and couldn't wait to start snapping away. The wedding day was gorgeous. The sun was setting making the surrounding trees glow and the bride's face illuminated joy. What a fun day!


Johnny X The Movie

The last four weeks the above has been my life. The Ghastly Ones.
check out the trailer at http://www.johnnyxmovie.com/

* These photos were taken by a very talented Sarah Ross-Samko.


windy vintage illustration

This illustration has a more fall feeling to it but i still feel like that little girl... playing and dreaming.

Windy LAnd

Oh , my romantic friend the wind! How i love thee. Let me count the ways... you make me feel like a warrior princess off to fight a noble quest- torn by my strength and femininity. There would be no drama if there were no conflict! Oh wind... swoop me up and let me race through the clouds like the dream i had when i was Becky.



I love the simplicity of spring flowers by a window. The contrast of light and dark. The pink and white that pop and make me dreamy. More and more I find myself being drawn to the warmth and other world-ness of this new season. Yesterday birds were chattering in the morning until dusk came. I felt content in my apartment. Selah was sleeping and her breathe a steady rythm lulling me to sleep. The breeze sounding like a soft ocean shore releasing me from the ties of restlessness and worry and leading me by the hand to dream.


Hair. Finally i got it cut. It had been a very long year and i was long over do. It is now light and bouncy and i am questioning why i waited so long.
Love this yellow spring dress.


warmth in my toes

My feet are finally warm. All winter i refused to wear slippers vowing that i simply would not because i now live 6 block from the beach. That glorious ocean that even in winter whispers to me of summer days soon to come... and now it is 75 degrees. My skin welcomes the heat and feels kissed by the strong rays that stream down from the heavens. Dramatic? No. My whole attitude has changed. Getting out of bed without the chills- whithout moving quickly to make the coffee and get warm. I step outside into a warm bath of light and floral aromas. I imagine a friend chatting with me in my new (but old) adirondack chair sipping my home made tropical green iced tea planning the weekends festivities. I put on my long flowy hippie dress and paint my toes... because to me summer has begun.